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SQL Question

how can I remove \" from json in SQL or c#

I want to save JSON to SQL Server and can read it as a text without \r\n and \"

Code of saving to DataBase:

JObject data=...
objTableA.fieldA= data.ToString(Newtonsoft.Json.Formatting.None);

with this code, when I read objTableA.fieldA it gives me without \r\n, but the problem is , I can see \" in my result

So how can I solve it

good result:


wrong result:


Answer Source

If you want to convert a string to json object.

try this

var data = "{\"userId\":\"75\",\"IsComment\":\"true\",\"IsCommentReply\":\"true\",\"IsLikes\":\"true\",\"IsFollow\":\"true\",\"IsCommercial\":\"true\",\"IsMention\":\"true\",\"IsNewMember\":\"true\"}";

JObject parseData = JObject.Parse(data);
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