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Git Question

Problems with setting git on Sublime Text 2 "Executable '['git']' was not found in PATH."

I am a new Sublime Text 2 user and I already think it's brilliant.

Although I have some problems getting Git up and running.

I've installed the Git, but keep on getting the following window message.

error message

How can I resolve this problem?

Answer Source

First of all, please make sure you have already installed Git. If so, you can add it to system's Path or change git_command in Git.sublime-settings. Please check this plugin's document for details: the Settings part.

This plugin has a few settings. If you create a file called Git.sublime-settings in your User package you can override them. Feel free to copy the Git.sublime-settings file from the Git package directory to your User package if you don't want to mess with getting the initial JSON syntax right.

git_command: a path to your git binary if it's not in the $PATH available to Python (you'll get an error message if you need to set this)

(format for windows: "git_command": "c:/users/myuserdir/dev/git/bin/git.exe". If you have spaces in your git binary's path, you may need to use the old tilda-escaped version, like: "C:/Progra~2/Git/bin/git.exe".)

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