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Javascript Question

How should I calculate total sales from multiple tables in a IndexedDB database?

I'm trying to create a simple stock/sales application in JavaScript using Dexie.js. I'm not sure how to go about returning the Total Sales amount without writing awful recursive code that runs a query multiple times for just one product's total sales amount.

My schema is somewhat like this:

clients: "++id, name, phone",
order: "++id, clientId, daate",
order_content: "orderId, productId, qty",
product: "++id, name, mu, mk_cost, sa_cost, prod_cost",
stock: "++id, date, productId, qty, lot"

I store the product types in "Product" with prices and other details. When a order is placed I store the clientId in Order, then I use "order_content" to store the items there, using the orderId as a key to sort.

I basically want to do a total for every item and the sum that up.

I tried running the code below in a db.product.each() loop, but it seems like I'm complicating myself.

var product1Total = 0;
function calculateTotal(productId, price){
product1Total += (price * qty)

Thank you!

Answer Source

If your goal is to get the total price for a specific order in a single query, and prod_cost is the cost of your product, and you want the total for a certain order, you should do it something like the following:

function calculateTotal (orderId) {
    return db.order_content
    .then(orderContents => {
        return Promise.all(
   => db.product.get(oc.productId))
        ).then (products => {
            return orderContents.reduce (
                (total, oc, i) => total + oc.qty * producs[i].prod_cost, 0);

Or with async functions:

async function calculateTotal (orderId) {
    let orderContents = await db.order_content

    let products = await Promise.all( =>

    return orderContents.reduce (
        (total, oc, i) => total + oc.qty * producs[i].prod_cost, 0);
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