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How to use HashLocationStrategy for router in angular2-beta.20 in dart?

I tried to use the router in angular2-beta.20 in Dart with the HashLocationStrategy.
But I couldn't find any docs, except for
this link to angular2-beta.15 docs, which are incomplete.
The example shows TypeScript imports instead of Dart ones.

So I tried to import

, but the Dart Analyzer keeps complaining that it can not find

Also I don't know, how to write the import exactly, because a top-level provide function, as in the example above, seems non existent.
provide(LocationStrategy, {useClass: HashLocationStrategy})

Answer Source

After some research I found the following:

  • LocationStrategy and HashLocationStrategy are now part of package:angular2/platform/common.dart instead of package:angular2/router.dart.

  • The bootstrap()- method is platform specific, so we need to import package:angular2/platform/browser.dart.

  • We need to import package:angular2/router.dart to have ROUTER_PROVIDERS available in bootstrap() method.

Here is a working code example for the dart file initializing :

// needed to import "bootstrap" method
import 'package:angular2/platform/browser.dart';

// needed to import LocationStrategy and HashLocationStrategy
import 'package:angular2/platform/common.dart';

// needed for Provider class
import 'package:angular2/angular2.dart';

// needed to import ROUTER_PROVIDERS
import 'package:angular2/router.dart'; 

// import your app_component as root component for angular2
import 'app_component.dart';

void main() {
  bootstrap(AppComponent, [
    const Provider(LocationStrategy, useClass: HashLocationStrategy)

Hope this helps somebody! :)

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