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TypeScript Question

'tsc command not found' in compiling typescript

I want to install typescript, so I used the following command:

npm install -g typescript

and test
tsc --version
, but it just show 'tsc command not found'. I have tried many ways as suggested in stackoverflow, github and other sites. but it doesn't work. How could I know typescript is installed and where it is.

my OS is Unix, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6,
node version is 4.4.3,
npm version is 3.10.5

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A few tips in order

  • restart the terminal
  • restart the machine
  • reinstall nodejs + then run npm install typescript -g

If it still doesn't work run npm config get prefix to see where npm install -g is putting files (append bin to the output) and make sure that they are in the path (the node js setup does this. Maybe you forgot to tick that option).