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Rotate 90 degree to right image in java

I can not rotate image 90 degree to right .
I need to be able to rotate images individually in java. The only thing. Unfortunately, I need to draw the image at a specific point, and there is no method with an argument that 1.rotates the image separately and 2. allows me to set the x and y. any help is appreciated

public class Tumbler extends GraphicsProgram{

public void run() {
GImage original = new GImage("sunset.jpg");
add(original, 10, 10);
int[][] pixels = original.getPixelArray();
int height = pixels.length;
int width = pixels[0].length;

// Your code starts here
int newheight = width;
int newwidth = height;
int[][] newpixels = new int[newheight][newwidth];

for (int i = 0; i < height; i++) {
for (int j = 0; j < width; j++) {
newpixels[j][height-1-i] = pixels[i][j];

GImage image = new GImage(newpixels);
add(image, width+20, 10);

// Your code ends here

Answer Source

As discussed here, you can use AffineTransformOp to rotate an image by Math.PI / 2; this is equivalent to rotating the image clockwise 90°. See also Handling 90-Degree Rotations.

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