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StackOverflowError when executing cypher queries through Neo4J REST API

I'm using Neo4j version 3.0.7

I'm reading a list of edges from a dataset and I need to pass those edges batch-wise using the REST API.
I used the following query format to create multiple nodes (if they already don't exist) and their relationships in Neo4j through a single Cypher query via the REST API. I obtain the two vertices of an edge and the node properties are set according to the vertex IDs of those vertices.

"MATCH (n { name: 0 }), (m { name:1 })
CREATE (n)-[:X]->(m)
WITH count(*) as dummy
MATCH (n { name: 0 }), (m { name: 6309 })
CREATE (n)-[:X]->(m)"

This approach works correctly for a batch of 10 edges but when I try to send a batch of 1000 edges (nodes and their relationships) through a single Cypher query, I get a
exception. Is there a better approach to achieve this task?
Thank you for your help.

The error obtained from the response:

"exception" : "StackOverflowError",
"fullname" : "java.lang.StackOverflowError",
"stackTrace" : [ "scala.collection.TraversableOnce$class.$div$colon(TraversableOnce.scala:151) ..."

Answer Source

You can use UNWIND to get a single query:

UNWIND [[0,1], [0,6309]] AS pair
MATCH (n {name: pair[0]}), (m {name: pair[1]})
CREATE (n)-[:X]->(m)

Insert your node pairs after UNWIND as a list of two-element lists. As the query uses the name property for finding the nodes, it is worth adding an index to it. For example, if you haven Person nodes, index them with:

CREATE INDEX ON :Person(name)

(See also the Cypher reference card.)

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