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Android emulator hangs forever at boot time

Emulator started, but not booting further "android" flashing text.

Started by

Android/Sdk/emulator/emulator @Nexus_5X_API_25 -verbose

In logs only repeating records

emulator: MemoryReport: Epoch: 140737476643856, Res/ResMax/Virt/VirtMax: 737525760 737525760 5164826624 5302894592

How to fix/debug it?..

Was working fine with KVM end virtualization, but suddenly stopped after updating to emulator to 26.1.2-4077558.


Thanks to albodelu for information about update to 26.1.3. After Update I having:

KVM is required to run this AVD.
Unknown Error

Please file a bug against Android Studio.

KVM enabled.
This was initial error which I fixed by adding executable permissions to emulator binaries.
So done this again.
Forced emulators to work by:

chmod a+x ~/Android/Sdk/emulator/emulator*
chmod a+x ~/Android/Sdk/emulator/lib64/lib*
chmod a+x ~/Android/Sdk/emulator/qemu/linux-x86_64/*

And now miracle :) both emulator devices are working.

Answer Source

Note: emulator version 26.1.3 is here including interesting fixes. I'm busy to revise it now:

enter image description here

Related issue using emulator 26.1.2 here. Relaunch last build like me to use 26.1.3 or install locally

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