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Firing up a stand-alone Selenium RC server on (Ubuntu) Linux from Perl

I recently moved from Windows to Ubuntu Linux so I have a porting job. One of my applications is a web testing one interacting with a Selenium RC server, programmed in Perl 5.22. The application fires a Selenium server at the beginning, exchanges messages with it and shuts it down at the end.

On Windows, the Firing code is:

my $selenium_call_string = qq(start cmd /c java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.53.0.jar -firefoxProfileTemplate \"$firefox_profile_dir\");
system ($selenium_call_string);

This produced a separate terminal window in which the Selenium log is rolling, whereas the Perl script is writing into the original Terminal window from which it was invoked.

How do I achieve the same result on (Ubuntu) Linux?

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Without trying I think you need to run a system qq{xterm -e "java -jar..."} command in your system command from askubuntu

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