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Custom map style in MapKit

I am looking for a way to implement a custom map style in iOS 7, just like you can do with Google Maps. I have found some posts saying that this is not possible with MapKit, but they are all posted a while back. To clarify, by style I am talking about custom colors and preferably also fonts. Example of custom Google Map style below.

enter image description here

I would really prefer using MapKit for performance reasons, but if it is not supported I am open to using other frameworks as well. The ones that I have seen are MapBox and Cloudmade, and of course the Google Maps SDK.

Is there a way of doing it with MapKit? If not, what is the best way to go?

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MKMapView does not expose the properties you're interested in customizing. The Google Maps SDK does support custom colors and icons for markers, which may be sufficient for your purposes.

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