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Turn off textarea resizing

I'm trying to turn off textarea resizing in my site; right now I'm using this method:

.textarea {
min-width: 267px;
max-width: 267px;

I know that my method is not correct and I'm searching for a better one in JavaScript. I'm a beginner, so the best solution for me will be HTML5 or jQuery.

Answer Source

Try this CSS to disable resizing

The CSS to disable resizing for all textareas looks like this:

textarea {
    resize: none;

You could instead just assign it to a single textarea by name (where the textarea HTML is ):

textarea[name=foo] {
    resize: none;

Or by id (where the textarea HTML is ):

#foo {
    resize: none;

Taken from: http://www.electrictoolbox.com/disable-textarea-resizing-safari-chrome/

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