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C# linq lambda expression for OR in a list

I have this scenario in which i query with FindByMany (which takes the lambda and returns post if user country and category matches, (as seen in the "else")
But now i need to customize the return with prefered subcategories from users, so what im doing is query n times foreach subcategory and just addRange. I dont want to query 5 times the db if the user has 5 subcategories as favorite, but i dont know how to apply a dinamic OR.

So my question is, how can this code be improved for performance.

var posts = new List<Content>();
if (request.UserId != 0)
var user = _userRepository.FindBy(u => u.Id == request.UserId);
if (user != null && user.SubCategories.Any())
foreach (var temp in user.SubCategories.Select(subCategory => _contentRepository.FindManyBy(
c =>
c.Country.Id == country.Id && c.Category.Id == theCategory.Id &&
c.SubCategory.Id == subCategory.Id).ToList()))
posts = _contentRepository.FindManyBy(
c => c.Country.Id == country.Id && c.Category.Id == theCategory.Id

Answer Source

Could you not just materalise the sub-categories into a list, and then in your FindBy use a thatlist.Contains()?

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