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Jquery && selector

I want to check if every single div inside my div(with id#row1) has the property "pointer-events" set to "none". And only if ALL OF THEM have that property do something.

How I did it is very bad but it works:

if( $('#row1 div:nth-child(1)').css("pointer-events") === "none"){

if( $('#row1 div:nth-child(2)').css("pointer-events") === "none"){Do something}}

Is there a simple way to check this? Something like this:

if(($('#row1 div:nth-child(1) && #row1 div:nth-child(2)')).css("pointer-events") === "none"){
Do something

Answer Source

jQuery doesn't seem to have a .all or .every method, but you can use Array.prototype.every (or [].every) for this:

var allHavePointerEventsNone = []$("#row1 div"), function(el) {
  return $(el).css("pointer-events") === "none";


<div id="foo">
  <div class="yes"></div>
  <div class="yes"></div>
  <div class="yes"></div>

<div id="bar">
  <div class="yes"></div>
  <div class="yes"></div>
  <div class="no"></div>

// JS
console.log([]$("#foo div"), function(el) {
  return $(el).hasClass("yes");

console.log([]$("#bar div"), function(el) {
  return $(el).hasClass("yes");



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