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JSON Question

Insert new object into Array Attribute in document in mongodb using mgo.v2

I am using mgo.v2 mongodb driver to manupulation data with mongodb.I have data strucure as follow json

"configs": [
"id": 0,
"widgets": [
"position": 1,
"type": 1,
"class": "normal green",
"metricid": 5
"position": 2,
"type": 1,
"class": "normal blue",
"metricid": 6

I have created
collection by using above json structure.

err2 := session.DB("db").C("configs").Insert(&config)

but.In my case, I want add new item to widgets array to this configid. it is kind of object like this,

"position": 3,
"type": 1,
"class": "normal red",
"metricid": 7

What is the best way to adding this object into widgets array in paticular configid in mongodb? I am using mgo.v2 mongodb driver

Answer Source

You can use the update method to add the array element using the $push operator. For example:

    bson.M{"configid": 1}, 
    bson.M{"$push": bson.M{"widgets": widget}}
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