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SQL Question

formating json data. how to merge json array with same value as key?

sorry if my question is little confusing.
the following is my json output form mysql:

[{"ID":"2","BatchID":"0","Day":"Sunday","Low":"01:15","High":"02.45","Mid": "01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30"}, {"ID":"1","BatchID":"0","Day":"Sunday","Low":"00.45","High":"00:30","Mid":" 01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30"}]

i want to use the day "sunday" in this case to merge both the objects to form something like this:



also, are there any tools that can help me make models in php for saving this in a db?

thanks in advance.


Answer Source

You can use something like :

$data = json_decode($mysql_data, true);
$res = [];
foreach ($data as $d)
    $add = ['low'  => $d['Low'],
            'high' => $d['High'],
            'mid'  => explode(' ', trim($d['Mid']))];
    if (!isset($res[$d['Day']]))
        $res[$d['Day']] = $add;
        $res[$d['Day']][] = $add;
$pretty_data = json_encode($res);
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