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Action bar navigation modes are deprecated in Android L

Taking a look at the API diff report for the Android "L" preview, I see that all methods related to navigation modes in the

class (such as
, &c). are now deprecated.

The documentation explains:

Action bar navigation modes are deprecated and not supported by inline
toolbar action bars. Consider using other common navigation patterns

What is the supposed replacement?

Also, is "inline toolbar action bars" a new concept? I don't think I've heard of it before.

Answer Source

The new Android Design Support Library adds TabLayout, providing a tab implementation that matches the material design guidelines for tabs. A complete walkthrough of how to implement Tabs and ViewPager can be found in this video

Now deprecated: The PagerTabStrip is part of the support library (and has been for some time) and serves as a direct replacement. If you prefer the newer Google Play style tabs, you can use the PagerSlidingTabStrip library or modify either of the Google provided examples SlidingTabsBasic or SlidingTabsColors as explained in this Dev Bytes video.

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