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Set mysql skip-networking to off

I'm trying to setup my Ubuntu 12.10 server to accept remote mysql connections, however I am having difficulties setting skip-networking to off. Note I have already set the bind-address to the internet facing IP, instead of

When I look in /etc/mysql/my.conf, the line "skip-networking" doesn't exist, however when I "mysql -p -u root" and then "SHOW VARIABLES;" "skip-networking" is "ON". I have added it as "#skip-networking" and restarted mysql service too.

I have looked to see if there are any stray my.conf files around in my home folder and /etc/ to no luck.

I am using mysql 5.5.

Anyone got any ideas how else I can set this?

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Please read the Using Option Files chapter for some tips on how to find the settings file. Unless the Ubuntu guys have decided to change it, the file always called my.cnf on Linux, never my.conf.

Additionally, lines that start with # are comments:

#comment, ;comment

Comment lines start with “#” or “;”. A “#” comment can start in the middle of a line as well.

... thus you need to remove the leading #; otherwise, the line is ignored.

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