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iOS get error by creating a pdf

i want to create a pdf file, but i get 2 errors:

<Error>: CGDataConsumerCreateWithFilename: failed to open `/test.pdf' for writing: Operation not permitted. deflateEnd: error -3: (null).

and this one

<Error>: CGPDFContextCreate: failed to create PDF context delegate.

I compute the path in the controller class

- (void)viewDidLoad
documentName = @"test.pdf";
NSArray *arrayPaths =
NSString *path = [arrayPaths objectAtIndex:0];
NSString* pdfFileName = [path stringByAppendingPathComponent:documentName];
url = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:pdfFileName];

PDFRenderer *pdf = [[PDFRenderer alloc]initWithFileName:documentName];
[pdf renderPDF];

[super viewDidLoad];

and in the render class I call the

UIGraphicsBeginPDFContextToFile(documentName, CGRectZero, nil);

function and I get the errors.

How I fix that error?

Answer Source

You are writing to a relative path, try to change it into

PDFRenderer *pdf = [[PDFRenderer alloc]initWithFileName:pdfFileName];

i.e. the absolute path in the documents directory.

If you look at the error message, you will see that the file is being attempted to be written in the root directory.

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