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Azure function with .net core 2 class library

Since there is still no support for Webjobs in ASP.Net Core, i am going to use Azure functions instead.

I have 2 class libraries that are build with on .net core 2. i can reference them to my Azure function project without any issue but when i try to publish i get this error.


This is the reference from the Azure function to my lib
enter image description here

Any idea on how i can make this work? without changing my class lib?

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Azure Functions doesn't currently support .Net Core 2 (more specifically, .Net Standard 2), however, it seems like the team is actively working on getting this support out...see here: Port runtime to .NET Core

Runtime will be ported to target Netstandard 2.0.

Depending on the functionality of your libraries, you may see if its possible to target instead Netstandard 1.3 which they do currently support

This issue will track the .NET Core port activities for porting the runtime to .NET core. Note that netstandard 1.3 assemblies can be used on Azure Functions and this is fully supported.

Update: added clarity based on @derape comments

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