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Apache Configuration Question

Facebook scraper seeing page as blank

I have installed Facebook like, share and comment buttons on my website and most of functionalities seem to be working ok, but after sharing a page on Facebook, thumbnail shows a blank page (clicking thumbnail takes user to the shared page, so there's no problem with that). Apparently this is how Facebook scraper sees my whole website.

I have determined that the probable cause is that the scraper (for some reason unknown to me) looks for website files in /var/www directory of my server, while website is located at /var/www/websitename/web. I have no idea what causes this, nor was I able to somehow direct Facebook scraper to correct path. What can I do to make everything work properly? I am using Debian+Apache+ISPConfig, website runs on Joomla!.

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And the problem is solved. It was not SSL issue, nor any bug with code on my site. The problem was with Apache virtual host being configured for xx.xx.xx.xx:80 and xx.xx.xx.xx:443. Changing that to *:80 and *:443 automagically solved every problem Facebook scraper ever listed. Leaving this answer in case someone ever needs it.