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Javascript Question

How to silently hide "Image not found" icon when src source image is not found

Do you know how to hide the classic “Image not found” icon from a rendered HTML page when an image file is not found?

Any working method using JavaScript/jQuery/CSS?

Answer Source

You can use the onerror event in JavaScript to act when an image fails to load:

var img = document.getElementById("myImg");
img.onerror = function () { = "none";

In jQuery (since you asked):

$("#myImg").error(function () { 

Or for all images:

$("img").error(function () { 
    // or $(this).css({visibility:"hidden"}); 

You should use visibility: hidden instead of .hide() if hiding the images might change the layout. Many sites on the web use a default "no image" image instead, pointing the src attribute to that image when the specified image location is unavailable.