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Javascript Question

HTML5 video with javascript - syntax confusion

I am trying to make a custom video. I can get my functions to work. However when I have two event listeners together:

e.g. video.ontimeupdate

only the bottom one will operate when I play the video. Is there a better way for me to write my functions, so that I do not have this problem?

Event listeners

time.addEventListener("timeupdate", currentTime, true);
video.ontimeupdate = function() {currentTime()};

seek.addEventListener("timeupdate", progressBarUpdate, true);
video.ontimeupdate = function() {progressBarUpdate()};

Function code example

// Updating the progress bar function

function progressBarUpdate() {

// Calculate the progress bar value
var value = (100 / video.duration) * video.currentTime;
// Update the progress bar value
seek.value = value;

Answer Source

There are two different mechanisms for registering event handlers:

time.addEventListener("timeupdate", currentTime, true);
video.ontimeupdate = function() {currentTime()};

When you use a property (ontimeupdate) and you give it a value, that value will be overwritten when you set that property to another value.

So, when you do this:

video.ontimeupdate = function() {currentTime()};

It gets overridden by this later:

video.ontimeupdate = function() {progressBarUpdate()};

To prevent this from happening, use the more modern W3C DOM Level 2 event handling model that uses addEventListener

 video.addEventListener("timeupdate", currentTime);
 video.addEventListener("timeupdate", progressBarUpdate);

This will register both functions as callbacks to the timeupdate event.

Additionally, there is a third parameter for addEventListener (a boolean) which indicates whether you want the callback to fire during the capture phase (true) or the bubbling phase (false). It is a bit unusual to need the capture phase, so you may want to modify your existing true values to false or just omit the third argument as false is the default.

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