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How to increase Heap memory of Netbeans platform's Application in java?

I m making Desktop Application in netbeans plpatform in java swing.when i run my App in netbeans 7.0 it work well.after that i made installer of my app.then i install my App installer, it work very slow.when my App run on netbeans IDE it consume minimum 10mb and maximum 510mb.but after it install it get only 24mb minimum and 64mb maximum byDefault of installer in netbeans IDE or when i make installer of my app using netbeans IDE it get only 24mb minimum and 64mb maximum. so how can i increase Heap memory of my App or heap memory of my app installer?

Answer Source

if you go to your applications installed directory the go to etc folder then open the applicationName.conf file and change the min and max heapsize then save and restart your application, that should change your applications heap size, check the change in your application ide log, thanks

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