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How to apply the styles for Kendo treeview parent node only

I have kendo tree-view in my application,I want to apply the styles for kendo tree-view parent node only.How to apply the styles like Font weight-bold for the parent node of tree-view?
My treeview code is

var tree= $("#treeview").kendoTreeView({
checkboxes: {
checkChildren: true
dataSource: [{
id: 2, text: "select all", expanded: true,
items: [
{ id: 3, text: "ABH" },
{ id: 4, text: "VFG" },
{ id: 5, text: "VFGT" },
{ id: 6, text: "GTYUJ" },
{ id: 7, text: "GHJ" }

here is the JSfiddle.

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Answer Source

Try to configure this in scripts.

  .k-top.k-bot {font-weight: bold;}
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