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How to do lua table operations from C?

I need to perform operations on Lua tables from C where the tables are treated as lists or queues. Specifically I need to insert an element at the head, and remove the head element, and have the other elements move to accommodate the new element.

This would be simple in straight lua, I'd use

. But in C?

There are functions in the Lua C api such as lua_settable, but no equivalents for
and table.remove that are surfaced. It looks like there are internal C functions inside the interpreter called
, but they are not part of the api.

Do I really have to call out to a lua function that does it for me?

Answer Source

I believe you can reuse the functions

static int tinsert (lua_State *L)
static int tremove (lua_State *L)

and the macro

#define aux_getn(L,n)   (luaL_checktype(L, n, LUA_TTABLE), luaL_getn(L, n))

which are in the ltablib.c. They depend only on Lua's API.

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