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C# Question

“This project requires a Visual Studio update to load” error when creating a Xamarin.Forms Cross-Platform Application

When I create a

application using
Visual Studio Community 2015 Community
on Windows 8.1 it shows me this error on load:

A problem was encountered creating the sub project 'App1.WinPhone'. This project requires a Visual Studio update to load. Right-click on the project and choose 'Download Update'

I've installed all updates available and trying on a newly installed Windows.

How can I fix this error?

Please write only for Xamarin.Forms and not for Native.

Note: There isn't a Download Update option in Solution Explorer.

Answer Source

Uninstall Xamarin completely, and reinstall it. That happened to me as well. I would uninstall Visual studio too. Install that first, then install Xamarin.

Edit: I know this sucks to do, but it was what the Xamarin team had me do to resolve it. As far as I know this is the official fix as of last week.

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