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Problems running python script by windows task scheduler that does pscp

Not sure if anyone has run into this, but I'll take suggestions for troubleshooting and/or alternative methods.

I have a Windows 2008 server on which I am running several scheduled tasks. One of those tasks is a python script that uses pscp to log into a linux box, checks for new files and if there is anything new, copies them down to a local directory on the C: drive. I've put some logging into the script at key points as well and I'm using


I built the command using a variable,
command = 'pscp -pw xxxx name@ip:/ c:\local_dir'
and then I use
to execute the command.

Now here's the weird part. If I run the script manually from the command line, it works fine. New files are downloaded and processed. However, if the Task Scheduler runs the script, no new files are downloaded. The script is running under the same user, but yet yields different results.

According to the log files created by the script and on the linux box, the script successfully logs into the linux box. However, no files are downloaded despite there being new files. Again, when I run it via the command line, files are downloaded.

Any ideas? suggestions, alternative methods?


Answer Source

I had the same issue when trying to open an MS Access database on a Linux VM. Running the script at the Windows 7 command prompt worked but running it in Task Scheduler didn't. With Task Scheduler it would find the database and verify it existed but wouldn't return the tables within it.

The solution was to have Task Scheduler run cmd as the Program/Script with the arguments /c python C:\path\to\ (under Add arguments (optional)).

I can't tell you why this works but it solved my problem.

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