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IntelliJ can't find classpath test resource

I'm having a problem where IntelliJ 13.1.4, when running a unit test, can't find a

file in the
directory of my module.

Please note before answering that I've done all of the following:

  1. The module is a Gradle project, and if I run
    gradle test
    the unit test runs fine.

  2. I've run this unit test successfully in IntelliJ in the past, and it found the module. (Maybe an earlier version of IntelliJ?)

  3. I've double checked the IntelliJ module settings and the
    directory is marked as being a test resources directory. (See screenshot below.)

  4. I'm dumping the unit test class's classloader's classpath in the class; it has the
    directories, but neither

  5. I've clicked the button to refresh all Gradle projects.

Any ideas on what else could be causing IntelliJ to fail here?

Screenshot of my module configuration, showing the Test Resource Folders setting.

My Test Resource Folders is correctly set.

Answer Source

I managed to get it working better by creating a test-resources directory parallel to the test directory (!).

Still seeing intermittent problems with this, though. Those times, it's possible to open the IntelliJ project settings and define the test resources as source instead (the Gradle project will remain unchanged).

Must be an IntelliJ bug, as I've experienced the same thing in Android Studio.


I found a workaround to the issue.

Add the following at the end of the Gradle config (and specify your test resources path):

task copyTestResources(type: Copy) {
    from "${projectDir}/src/test/resources"
    into "${buildDir}/classes/test"
processTestResources.dependsOn copyTestResources
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