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Node.js Question

How to run Gulp tasks sequentially one after the other

in the snippet like this:

gulp.task "coffee", ->
.pipe(coffee {bare: true}).on("error",gutil.log)
.pipe(gulp.dest "bin")

gulp.task "clean",->
gulp.src("bin", {read:false})
.pipe clean

gulp.task 'develop',['clean','coffee'], ->
console.log "run something else"

task I want to run
and after it's done, run
and when that's done, run something else. But I can't figure that out. This piece doesn't work. Please advise.


The only good solution to this problem can be found in the gulp documentation which can be found here

var gulp = require('gulp');

// takes in a callback so the engine knows when it'll be done
gulp.task('one', function(cb) {
  // do stuff -- async or otherwise
  cb(err); // if err is not null and not undefined, the orchestration will stop, and 'two' will not run

// identifies a dependent task must be complete before this one begins
gulp.task('two', ['one'], function() {
  // task 'one' is done now

gulp.task('default', ['one', 'two']);
// alternatively: gulp.task('default', ['two']);