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Why are are std::allocator's construct and destroy functions deprecated in c++17?

The c++17 specification deprecates the

members of the
object. The working group provided rationale for deprecating other member functions here, under the heading "Deprecate the redundant members of std::allocator".

However they don't mention specifically why those two members are deprecated or what the recommendation is for replacing that functionality. I'm assuming the implication is to use

I'm a bit confused about whether implementing
may actually still be necessary in some cases though because of this comment about

Because this function provides the automatic fall back to placement new, the member function construct() is an optional Allocator requirement since C++11.

For custom allocators (e.g. for page-aligned memory using
), will falling back to placement
always produce the correct behavior?

Answer Source

The mandated behavior of member construct is (between C++11 - C++17):

Effect: Constructs an object of type C at c

This means that the function is effectively required to invoke placement new with forwarded arguments at some point; the only permitted divergence in behavior for a user-supplied allocator is to perform some other action before and/or after, such as instrumentation; it is not permitted to alter the arguments to placement new in any way.

As such and since allocator_traits::construct performs the requisite placement new anyway, user code e.g. in containers is likely to just perform placement new directly, so the whole machinery of construct is redundant.

In a custom allocator (e.g. for page-aligned memory using memalign), falling back to placement new probably would not be the correct behavior.

In such an allocator the address c should already be aligned correctly, since it was obtained from the allocator. The allocator has no choice but to perform placement new.

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