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Javascript Question

Javascript: Compare three booleans and return all true booleans

I have a method getPreferredfood(). It gets three boolean values that represent different food items. Which ever of them are true, you return those.

getPreferredFood: function (){
var item 1;
var item2 ;
var item3;


return "Preferred food is " (whichever item was true)

I'm not sure how to return the the item that are true.

Answer Source

It looks like you want to use the variable name as part of a string output. That's not usually how you want to do things.

Consider doing this instead:

var tags = {
    "vegan": true,
    "non-veg": false,
    "veg": false

var true_tags = [];
for (var tag in tags) {
    if (tags[tag] === true) {

console.log(true_tags); // will print [ "vegan" ]
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