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How to determine if the iPhone 6+ (plus) is in Standard or Zoom mode

I'm trying to determine if the iPhone 6+ is in standard or zoom mode and I can't find any API's that help determine this, so far the only thing that is indicating which mode the phone is in is the


if ([UIScreen mainScreen].nativeScale == 3.0) {
// its in the simulator
} else if ([UIScreen mainScreen].nativeScale == 2.880000) {
// its an iPhone 6+ in zoom mode
} else if ([UIScreen mainScreen].nativeScale == 2.6086956521739131) {
// its an iPhone 6+ in standard mode

Answer Source

How about just checking the bounds (not nativeBounds) of the screen? IIRC, in zoom mode the bounds will be {375, 667} but in regular mode they are {414, 736}.

But yes, as mentioned in the comments.. if you are using AutoLayout, your app should "just" be able to adjust itself correctly and you shouldn't need to know.

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