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MySQL Question

removing whitespaces not working MySQL. Used TRIM() and REPLACE()

Take a look : FIDDLE

select IF((TRIM(replace(' IKECHUKWU OSUJI',' ',''))=TRIM(replace('IKECHUKWU OSUJI','
select IF((TRIM(replace(' Aman Minhas ',' ',''))=TRIM(replace(' Aman Min has','

Err image
The first query returns diff. The second returns same. Its some weird spacing issue, cant seem to understand why this behaviour.

Answer Source

Your first string has a tab in it:

select IF((TRIM(replace(' IKECHUKWU  OSUJI',' ',''))
                                   ^ this is actually a tab in the Fiddle

You can get rid of it with an additional REPLACE:

REPLACE(REPLACE(myString, ' ', ''), '\t', '')

The \t is a special literal. Other special literals such as newline or ASCII NUL may impact you as well. Literals are listed here.

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