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How to add native library to "java.library.path" with Eclipse launch (instead of overriding it)

I got a native library that needs to be added to java.library.path. With JVM argument -Djava.library.path=path... I can set the path as I want.

My problem is that my other library (pentaho reporting) searches fonts based on the default java.library.path (including system directories etc) and the manual setting overrides the default path..

So : how can I add a path entry to the default java.library.path instead of overriding it (which seems to be done with -Djava.library.path)? (I wouldn't want to add the default path by hand, which wouldn't be nice for the sake of deployment)

EDIT: Sorry for missing details; I'm working with Eclipse. (The deployment is done with JNLP and there I can use nativelib under resources)

Answer Source

Had forgotten this issue... I was actually asking with Eclipse, sorry for not stating that originally. And the answer seems to be too simple (at least with 3.5; probably with older versions also):

Java run configuration's Arguments : VM arguments:


Must not forget the quotation marks, otherwise there are problems with spaces in PATH.

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