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How do I set the accesibility label for a particular segment of a UISegmentedControl?

We use KIF for our functional testing, and it uses the accessibility label of elements to determine where to send events. I'm currently trying to test the behaviour of a UISegmentedControl, but in order to do so I need to set different accessibility labels for the different segments of the control. How do I set the accesibility label for a particular segment?

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I'm just getting started with KIF myself, so I haven't tested this, but it may be worth a try. I'm sure I'll have the same issue soon, so I'd be interested to hear if it works.

First, UIAccessibility Protocol Reference has a note under accessibilityLabel that says:

"If you supply UIImage objects to display in a UISegmentedControl, you can set this property on each image to ensure that the segments are properly accessible."

So, I'm wondering if you could set the accessibilityLabel on each NSString object as well and be able to use that to access each segment with KIF. As a start, you could try creating a couple of strings, setting their accessibility labels, and using [[UISegmentedControl alloc] initWithItems:myStringArray]; to populate it.

Please update us on your progress. I'd like to hear how this goes

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