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How does Unary Operator '&' work

How does the unary operator '&' work ?

In a test project i ran this code:

int num = 50, num2 = 100;

int x = num & num2;

result: x = 32

int num = 100, num2 = 90;

int x = num & num2;

result :x = 64

How is this calculated ?

Answer Source

From MSDN:

Binary & operators are predefined for the integral types and bool. For integral types, & computes the logical bitwise AND of its operands. For bool operands, & computes the logical AND of its operands; that is, the result is true if and only if both its operands are true.

In your case it is integeral type version.


 50 in binary is 00110010     
100 in binary is 01100100     
AND result is    00100000 (32 dec)
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