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Show/hide class depending on if there is a vertical scrollbar or not

I'm new to jQuery and have been trying to get this to work but have been unsuccessful. I can get portions of my code working, but haven't been able to get it all working together.

On my website, I have an up and down arrow (both inside a single parent class) that will scroll to the top/bottom of the page when clicked -- I have this working already using jQuery.

However, I only want these arrows to be displayed if there's actually anything to scroll (i.e. if there's a scrollbar present); otherwise I want them to be hidden.

(function($) {
$.fn.hasScrollBar = function() {
return this.get(0).scrollHeight > this.height();

That code above will return true or false depending on the presence of a scrollbar, but I haven't been able to get it working with my function (I don't have to use that code, it's just what I found).

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function arrows(){
if(document.body.scrollHeight > window.innerHeight){

Not jquery but its working (or not :))