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How to build an IPA without signing in Xcode 8

I have searched around SO and other places. I have only found older versions of this answer that don't seem to work any more, and tons of other stuff that isn't even relevant in the latest version.

Long story short, we have a developer providing an IPA to us, who doesn't want to join our developer group. I told him to send us an unsigned IPA, but we couldn't get it figured out based on our old process.

Has anyone done this yet, and would you mind sharing your method with the world?


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I ended up finding a working solution for xcode 8. Here is the step by step

  1. change build location xcode>preferences>locations>derived data>custom>your desktop
  2. open terminal and navigate to the project folder
  3. run manual build: xcodebuild -workspace (or -project) [workspacename.xcworkspace] -scheme [Schemename] -sdk iphoneos -configuration Release CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="" CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED=NO
  4. Go to build location and locate .app
  5. Open derived data>your app>build>products>Release-iphoneOS
  6. copy the .app file into a new subfolder you create called payload
  7. compress payload folder and rename is app_name-version_number.ipa

Boom. Done.

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