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Typings install not working for already configured typescript definitions

I have typings.json file with declarations to include some of the typescript definitions required for my project. Check reference below

"ambientDependencies": {
"bluebird": "registry:dt/bluebird#2.0.0+20160319051630",
"express": "registry:dt/express#4.0.0+20160317120654",
"express-serve-static-core": "registry:dt/express-serve-static-core#0.0.0+20160322035842",

But when I try to execute
typings install
command nothing gets installed and typescript issues following statement

--- (No dependencies)

npm install
which installs packages from
, the typings command is not working as expected. Am I having a wrong assumption? Till now I have avoided check-in of the typescript definitions (stored inside
folder) in version control (like
). Is it necessary to check-in this files?

It was my mistake, I update the
command line utility to version
. I checked the and realized that I need to change the typings.json to work with new major version. changed the
as per the instructions given on the site and it is working now.

Answer Source

You've added the definitions using 0.x version of typings.
--ambient command is deprecated. Use --global instead.
In order to fix existing typings.json file you can rename "ambientDependencies" to "globalDependencies"

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