Meghna Meghna - 2 years ago 151
HTML Question

How to display Custom Markers with Google Maps api to generate static map image

I have a code of generate map image using Google map api display below :

<img src="'<?php echo $madd; ?>'&zoom=7&size=700x300&markers=icon:'<?php echo $mlabel; ?>'"/>

Using above code display here google red marker icon but I want to display custom marker icon.
Please help me.

Answer Source

You can try this one i think this one being helpful to you,72.8217601776123&size=200x200&zoom=12&maptype=roadmap&markers=icon:%20|shadow:true|21.19365498864821,72.8217601776123&sensor=false&key=ABQIAAAAjU0EJWnWPMv7oQ-jjS7dYxQGj0PqsCtxKvarsoS-iqLdqZSKfxRdmoPmGl7Y9335WLC365hfg5yrjskd999
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