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Java Float Precision for values between 0 and 1

I have values between 0 and 1 stored as floats.
I know that delta between distinguishable floats is smaller the closer the floats are to 0. Thus, I think the precision is very high in my case (as the highest possible float is 1..). How big is my epsilon that I have to consider when comparing 2 of these floats? i.e. how big is the gap between 1.0f and the biggest representable float that is smaller than 1.0f? I am sorry if this question seems too broad/general but I could not find an answer :-(.

Answer Source

You can use the function java.lang.Math.nextAfter(float start, double direction) to help you.

Call it using, in your case, nextAfter(1.0f, 0.0). Here we're setting the direction to be less than your starting number, so it will search "backwards". The resulting float is your answer.

Because this function also has an overload taking a double for start, be careful to use 1.0f to denote a float literal.

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