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How do I show multiple recaptchas on a single page?

I have 2 forms on a single page. One of the forms has a recaptcha displaying all the time. The other should display a recaptcha only after a certain event such as maxing out login attempts. So there are times when I would need 2 recaptchas to appear on the same page. Is this possible? I know I could probably use a single one for both, but the way I have the layout, I would much prefer to have 2. Thanks.

Update: well I guess it may not be possible. Can anybody recommend another capture library to use side by side with reCaptcha? I really want to be able to have 2 captchas on the same page.

Update 2: What if put each form in an iframe? Would this be an acceptable solution?

Answer Source

A similar question was asked about doing this on an ASP page (link) and the consensus over there was that it was not possible to do with recaptcha. It seems that multiple forms on a single page must share the captcha, unless you're willing to use a different captcha. If you are not locked into recaptcha a good library to take a look at is the Zend Frameworks Zend_Captcha component (link). It contains a few

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