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I am trying to create an address book program that will append user input to its appropriate list

I am having trouble getting past writing user input to my list what am I doing wrong here? This is an address book program that I am writing, the assignment is to create parallel lists that will store user input data in the appropriate list using a for or while loop. The program must also have a search function which you can see is at the bottom of the code. My issue that I am having is getting the program to store data within my lists. Unfortunately lists are something that give me lots of trouble I just cant seem to wrap my head around it no matter how much research I have done. The issue im running into is the function when trying to write lastname and firstname to my list of names. what am I doing wrong?


def menu():

index = 0
size = 100
count = 0

answer = raw_input("Are You Creating An Entry [Press 1] \nOr Are You Searching An Entry [Press 2] ")
if answer == "1" :
print ("This is where we create")
append_data(index, size, count)

elif answer == "2" :
print ("this is where we search")


# IF we are creating
def append_data(index, size, count):

# collect information
for index in range(0, 100):
optOut = 'no'
while optOut == 'no':
lastname[count] = raw_input("What is the persons last name? ")
firstname[count] = raw_input("What is the persons first name? ")
phone[count] = raw_input("What id the persons phone number? ")
address[count] = raw_input("What is the persons address? ")
count = count + 1
print 'Would you like to create another entry?'
optOut = raw_input('Would you like to create another entry? [ENTER YES OR NO]:')
if optOut == 'yes':

#create string to print to file
#print temp1
#print (firstname + " " + lastname + ", " + phone + ", " + email + ", " + address)

print listName[index]
print listPhone[index]
print listAddress[index]
print 'file has been added to your addressbook sucessfuly'

def search_database():

searchcriteria = raw_input("Enter your search Criteria, name? phone, or address etc ")
print searchcriteria
if searchcriteria == "name":
temp1 = open(listName[lastname, firstname],"r")
print temp1
if searchcriteria == "phone":
temp1 = open(listPhone[0], "r")
print temp1
if searchcriteria == "address":
temp1 = open(listAddress[0], "r")
print temp1
print "sorry you must enter a valid responce, try again."

for line in temp1:
if searchcriteria in line:
print line

def errorMessage():
print ("Incorrect Answer")


Answer Source

Your error message says it all:

line 34, in append_data lastname[count]... NameError: global name 'lastname' is not defined

You'll get this same error if you type lastname[4] in any interpreter -- you've simply never defined a list called lastname, so you can't access items in it. In the short term, you can fix this with a line

lastname = list()

You're going to end up with more troubles though; lastname won't be accessible outside the function where you define it, neither will listName. I'd probably approach that by writing them into a data file/database, or maybe creating a quick class whose members will all have access to self.lastname.

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