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Vue methods mixins

I have method getNames inside my mixins file that returns names.

import { default as config } from '../config';
var methods = {
methods: {
getNames() {
return axios.get(API + API.NAMES)
.then( (response) => {
if( response.status == 200 && typeof( == 'object' ) {

export default methods;

From my single template file I have imported the mixins/methods file. Now my problem is how can I get the return object data from getNames method. Coz when I tried to

mixins: [
mounted: function() {
var a = this.getNames();

getNames method just returns a Promise

Promise {[[PromiseStatus]]: "pending", [[PromiseValue]]: undefined}

Answer Source

The axios.get() call is asynchronous and it returns a Promise. It does not return the value from the anonymous function passed to the chained then method.

In order to access that value, you can chain a then method to the returned Promise, like so:

mounted: function() {
  this.getNames().then(a => { console.log(a) });
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