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Java Interface with generics shall accept subclass as typeargument

I have the following class hierarchy by now:

interface Interface<T> {
boolean isGreaterThan(T other);

class Base implements Interface<Base> {
public boolean isGreaterThan(Base other) {
return true;

class Subclass extends Base {
... //note that I dont need to implement or overwrite isGreaterThan() here

class Wrapper<E extends Interface<E>> {
protected List<E> list;

class Test {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Wrapper<Subclass> = new Wrapper<Subclass>(); //This line produces the error

I get the following error message:

Type parameter 'Subclass' is not within its bound; should implement 'Interface<Subclass>'

My Question is: How can I tell java, that the Interface should accept any element E which extends T? Or is the reason in Wrapper? I tried for the Wrapper:

class Wrapper<E extends Interface<? extends E>> {}

which rather produced errors in the body of wrapper, and did not change the original error.

Wrapper<Base> wrapper = new Wrapper<Base>();

works just fine...
how can I make

Wrapper<Subclass> wrapper = new Wrapper<Subclass>();

work as well?
Is there a clean way without any casts? (Wildcards allowed)


Answer Source


class Wrapper<E extends Interface<? super E>>

just like Comparable, it is intuitively a 'contra-variant' type, therefore in most cases it should be used with <? super>. For example Collections.sort

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