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Execute PHP script on linux with PHP LAMPP service

So, I have that question. I've installed xampp on my ubuntu, and I run my web system from there (

). I can open my php web systems from navigator with no troubles. So now I want to run a php script from linux console, like this:

php -f file.php

but ubuntu tells me to install php7.0-cli or hhvm packages to run a php script on console. The real question is, that I've installed lampp running php there. Is there any chance to run a php script on console with the lampp's php service? or I have to install those packages for ubuntu anyway?

Answer Source

When you run:

php -f file.php

from the linux terminal you are excecuting the system php enviroment (in ubuntu you install it using apt-get install), if you need run the script with the LAMPP php environment you must run:

/opt/lampp/bin/php -f file.php

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