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Python Question

Are all functionalities of ggplot2 available in Python?

the title is actually my question. I googled quite a bit, checked Quora and searched through Stackoverflow. Since I couldn't find an answer to my question I think the question is warranted.

So basically my question is twofold:

1) are all the ggplot2 functionalities available in python (especially jupyter notebook)?

2) If yes, can the R tutorials applied directly?

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Answer Source

According to my knowledge, the answer is no. In Jupyter Notebook, however, you can interface with R. In brief, do your calculations in Python and then plot using R in the same notebook. For details, check out this notebook.

However, if you are going to use python, you might as well learn matplotlib - the canonical python library for graphing. In my opinion, it's a bit more flexible and it is quite similar to Matplot's plotting functionalities.

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