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iOS Question

Can I change a Cordova/iOS app's "displayed name" without changing the entire file structure/Xcode project?

So, I working on my first Cordova app, and I've got a probably typical noob question...

I created my app with this command:

cordova create MyFirstApp com.[my_domain].myfirstapp MyFirstApp

I can see that this creates a complex file structure under a directory named MyFirstApp, an Xcode project named MyFirstApp.xcodeproj, and dozens of files beginning with MyFirstApp (e.g., MyFirstApp-Info.plist, MyFirstApp-Prefix.pch, etc).

All of that is fine.

But, after finishing development - I realize that I'd like the app's name as it appears on the user's homescreen to be something different (E.g., "Cool App!").

Can I change just the "displayed name" without making a mess of the directory structure and Xcode project?

It looks like the
node in
doesn't do this - that value seems to control much more than just the way the name is displayed. (E.g., if I change it,
cordova build iOS
fails and Xcode starts complaining...)

Answer Source

Edit Bundle display name node in MyFirstApp-Info.plist.

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