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Ruby Question

Conditional key/value in a ruby hash

Is there a nice (one line) way of writing a hash in ruby with some entry only there if a condition is fulfilled? I thought of

{:a => 'a', :b => ('b' if condition)}

But that leaves
:b == nil
if the condition is not fulfilled. I realize this could be done easily in two lines or so, but it would be much nicer in one line (e.g. when passing the hash to a function).

Am I missing (yet) another one of ruby's amazing features here? ;)

Answer Source

You could first create the hash with key => nil for when the condition is not met, and then delete those pairs where the value is nil. For example:

{ :a => 'a', :b => ('b' if cond) }.delete_if{ |k,v| v.nil? }

yields, for cond == true:

{:b=>"b", :a=>"a"}

and for cond == false



This is equivalent - a bit more concise and in ruby 1.9.3 notation:

{ a: 'a', b: ('b' if cond) }.reject{ |k,v| v.nil? }
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