ThomasReggi ThomasReggi - 1 year ago 139
Node.js Question

Getting a app to be run on startup

I'm making a mac app using atom shell that lives in the menubar. I was wondering what my options would be for getting it to run at startup.

  • Does it have to be done manually by the user?

  • Do I need permission from the user to do this?

  • How would I do it programmatically with node / bash?

  • Is there an existing thing within atom shell to do this?

  • Is there an existing module that can do this?

Answer Source

Give the auto-launch module a try, it should do what you want. To answer your questions:

  • No
  • No, but it'd be Classierâ„¢ if you asked first
  • See Above
  • No
  • See Above.
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